In the first episode, I shared with you how I’m on a mission to understand more about how wildly successful brands drive transformational growth in consumer goods categories.  

In this first series, I’l be focusing on insurgent brands transforming the way we eat and drink: What makes these companies different from less successful competitors? Over the past 20 years, working in large organisations like Nestle UK, or setting up the foreign offices of start-ups like GÜ Chocolate Puds or Chobani, I’ve been in a position to make hundreds of observations about the choices and behaviours that drive truly transformational growth.

But first, lets talk about what we usually tell ourselves when we ponder the spectacular growth of brands such as Halo Top, Chobani, Innocent or Red Bull. In my experience, brand teams around the wrold wondering how to get some of this growth for their own brand, will attribute the success of insurgent brands to their uniqueness, their Authentic brand story, their appeal to milenials, or increasingly these days, their strong BRAND PURPOSE.

And its true that all of these elements are important. But they only take into consideration the role of the brand promise in driving growth… and in my experience, its obvious that a strong brand on its own does not a successful company make. I’m passionate about spreading the message that its Just too simplistic to bring everything back to the brand, or as is currently fashionable, to focus only on the Brand’s purpose. To put it another way, I’m convinced that it’s not just WHY you do it, but WHAT you do and HOW you do it that counts. And that might go against popular marketing myth but I’m willing to stand by it.

I want to share the idea that when pulling together their internal growth plans, CPG companies around the world need to think about 3 other Ps besides the Brand Promise or Purpose.  

These are: People (or the kinds of people who work for the company) Process (or how the job to-be-done gets both defined and approached) and Category Positioning (or where the brand positions itself relative to the competition). Finally, Brand and Product Promise brings us to the new 4Ps of transformational growth. 

In this series I’ll be exploring all of the new 4Ps with the founders of insurgent food brands, and in Episode 3 coming up, you can hear my interview with James McMaster, CEO of Huel, talking about  the reasons behind the transformational growth at GÜ chocolate puds,  Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food and Huel, a supercharged nutritionally complete alternative to traditional meals…

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