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In the CPG industry, it’s rare to come across something that creates the monumental changes in consumer behaviour that we’re used to seeing in Tech.

So far on Brand Growth Heroes, we’ve covered two businesses that are creating meaningful, radical change, by offering models that re-programme consumer behaviour to reduce the negative side of the industry that they are in.

In episode 8 we talk to Tony’s Chocolonely, whose mission is to try and eradicate slavery in the cocoa industry…and in episode 9, to C’est Qui le Patron, or The Consumer Brand, who is revolutionising the balance of power in the retail grocery landscape in France, in favour of the consumer and the producer.

In this episode, we’re talking to Tom Szaky, the 38 year old founder of Terra Cycle, the world’s leading company in the collection and reuse of the non-recyclable stuff we all throw away every day. Think turning Colgate toothpaste tubes into school playgrounds, or enabling P&G to offer money off coupons to consumers in return for their dirty pampers, which are then recycled into new materials.

You may have read that Terra Cycle has just launched a new company called LOOP, which aims to tackle packaging waste at its root cause and could potentially see us buying all of our favourite consumer packaged goods in branded durable and reusable containers, rather than the staple single-use packaging they are mostly in now. 

For those of us who work with Consumer Packaged Goods,  Loop is so far reaching that if it works, it will change everything from how you design, package and sell your products, all the way through to what your Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Operations and P&L will look like.

In this episode of Brand Growth Heroes, Tom goes into depth on how Loop offers CPG brands the opportunity to shift from single use disposable packaging forms to durable reusable forms, and what the benefits are for you as a brand, over and above the obvious and most important benefit of the reduction of your brand’s impact on the environment.

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