BRAND GROWTH HEROES wants to broaden the conversation around Transformational Growth, from the current single-minded focus on the “WHY” or brand purpose, to one that also considers the role of WHERE the brand plays, WHO they employ, and HOW these people make decisions.

Brand and Commercial Marketing teams in Consumer Packaged Goods categories are tasked with driving brand growth.

Most of us are watching the incredible growth of disruptive brands in their categories around the world, and wondering how they are achieving it.

Based on our experience and observations, we’ve defined the New 4Ps of Transformational Growth: Category Positioning, Brand & Product Promise, People, and Process (or Ways of Working).

You’ll hear from the founders and key employees of disruptive brands, as well as globally recognised experts in the CPG industry, to understand more about these drivers and how you can harness them for your own brands and businesses.

Series 1 & 2 will focus on people and brands driving Transformational Growth in Food categories.

So if you work in a large Consumer Packaged Goods company and want a richer understanding of how the small, truly successful companies are doing what they’re doing…

or …

If you’re the Founder of a start-up looking for the secrets to Transformational Growth…

…then tune in!