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Learning from parallels between Food<>Personal Care categories: Interview with the Inspirational Emma Heathcote-James, Founder/ CEO of The Little Soap Company. S3EP2

So here’s a question for you: Which grocery category of non-edible products do you shop making increasingly careful choices around the products’ ingredients, choosing your favourites based on something very akin to flavours, looking for... Read More
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S3Ep1: The Carbonated Soft Drinks Revolution: Real Fruit Sodas and Dalston’s Soda Co. Interview with Dan Broughton Co-Founder & CEO.

Across the Western world, the Carbonated Soft Drinks category is experiencing real transformation… thanks to the sugar backlash, the resulting sugar tax and the fight against plastic. I recently heard that the majority of fizzy... Read More
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S2Ep14 Oatly: the Insurgent Brand on Everyone’s Lips. The 5 Levers behind the UK Business’s #Transformationalgrowth

The case study in Category transformation that is on everyone’s lips right now is Oatly. But did you know that Oatly has been around for 30 years in the Dairy Alternatives Category? It’s only really... Read More
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S2Ep13 Masterclass: How should your Approach to Marketing Investment Change as you Become a Grown-up Brand? Brand Performance Coach Mark Mulhern, CEO Brand Performance Labs, NY

Mark Mulhern is a Brand Performance Coach with a spectacular CV in brand advertising and through-the-line Marketing investment. He’s worked agency-side for the past 20+ years managing advertising accounts worth £100M of pounds and dollars,... Read More
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S2Ep10: Buymie is an Insurgent On-Demand Grocery Delivery Platform that delivers in just 1hr… & it just got €2.2M in Funding

Buymie was conceived when Founder Devan Hughes learned that the £9bn online retail grocery industry in UK & Irl, was loosing over £300M per year…and he reckoned it was therefore ripe for disruption. Buymie is... Read More
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S2Ep9: #COVID SPECIAL Strong Roots Follow-up: The USA 1 year on…and the Covid 19 effect. Founder Samuel Dennigan shares all.

In Episode 5 of Series 1, we spoke to Sam Dennigan, founder of insurgent frozen brand STRONG ROOTS, which offers tasty plant-based food designed for busy lives. Sam promised to come back on the show... Read More
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S2Ep8: #COVID SPECIAL Featuring Jason Gibb, Founder of Bread & Jam, supporting 1000 Food & Bev Entrepreneurs a week with Training, Networking & Motivational Socials

We’re going to spend the next few episodes exploring how growing Food & Bev. businesses are coping with the current crisis, the kind of help they need, and some of the resources available to help... Read More
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S2Ep7: Featuring Paul Brown, Founder and CEO of BOL Foods on Great Teams, Brave Decisions and How BOL is Managing the Current Crisis #COVIDSPECIAL

LISTEN AND RATE THIS EPISODE ON ITUNES HERE Listen to this episode on Spotify HERE If you’ve listened to the first few episodes of Series 2 of Brand Growth Heroes, you probably know that one... Read More
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S2Ep6: #COVID SPECIAL Featuring Jamie Mitchell, Founder of All Together: Pro Bono Mentoring, Coaching and Business Advice for Companies affected by COVID-19.

LISTEN AND RATE THIS EPISODE ON ITUNES HERE Listen to this episode on Spotify HERE We’re going to spend the next few episodes exploring how growing Food & Bev. businesses are coping with the current... Read More
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S2Ep2: Giles Brook, renowned CEO, Entrepreneur & Investor on Driving Growth, Investment Criteria and the Challenges facing Founders

LISTEN AND RATE THIS EPISODE ON ITUNES HERE For listeners in the UK and Ireland food industry, our guest this week won’t need much of an introduction! I first met Giles Brook in 2006 at... Read More
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Episode 10: Entretien avec Nicolas Chabanne, fondateur de C’est Qui le Patron (version originale, en français.)

Listen and Rate this episode on iTunes here: This episode is the original interview in French with Nicolas Chabanne, covered in Episode 9. Cet épisode de Brand Growth Heroes vous présente notre entretien avec Nicolas... Read More
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Episode 9: THE Most Exciting Revolution in Food & Bev Grocery Ever? Interview with Founder of “The Consumer Brand”, €0-120M in 2 years

Listen and Rate this episode on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/ep-09-most-exciting-revolution-in-food-bev-grocery/id1464150657?i=1000448805711 I came across something massive when I was in Paris at the end of March of this year. I had been asked by Kantar to speak at... Read More
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Episode 8: Interview with Ben Greensmith, UK Country Manager of my new favourite brand: Tony’s Chocolonely

Listen and Rate this episode on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/interview-ben-greensmith-tonys-chocolonley-uk-country/id1464150657?i=1000446707589 In a mature and highly competitive category, how do you grow a chocolate brand to €70M in Sales without EVER spending a penny on advertising? Well my... Read More
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Episode 7: Interview with James Averdieck, Founder & CEO of The Coconut Collaborative AND GÜ Chocolate Puds

Listen and rate this episode on iTunes I’m delighted to be launching this week’s interview with James Averdieck, CEO and Founder of both The Coconut Collaborative https://coconutco.co.uk and of GÜ Chocolate Puds https://www.gupuds.com/ In Episode... Read More

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